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Archived: November 6 General Election – Unofficial Results State and L.A. County

U.S. President

Barack Obama (Dem)             59.1 %

Mitt Romney     (Rep)             38.6%

U.S. Senate

Diane Feinstein (Dem)    61.4%

Elizabeth Emken (Rep)   38.6%

U.S. House of Representatives

27th District:

Judy Chu (Dem)  63.4%

Jack Orswell  (Rep) 36.6%

32nd District:

Grace Napolitano (Dem) 65.4% David Miller (Rep) 34.6%

34th District:

Xavier Becerra (Dem) 85.6%

Stephen Smith (Rep) 14.4%

38th District:

Linda T. Sanchez (Dem) 67.2% Benjamin Campos (Rep) 32.8%

40th District:

Lucille Roybal-Allard (Dem) 59.4%

David Sanchez (Dem) 40.6%

California State Senate

33rd District:

Ricardo Lara (Dem80.5% Lee H. Chauser (Rep) 19.5%

California State Assembly

48th District:

Roger Hernandez (Dem)   58.8% Joe M. Gardner (Rep) 41.2%

49th District:

Edwin “Ed” Chau (Dem) 56.6% Matthew Lin (Rep) 43.4%

51st District:

Jimmy Gomez  (Dem)     60.2% Luis Lopez (Dem) 39.8%

53rd District:

John A. Perez (Dem)  82.7% Jose Trinidad Aguilar (Rep) 17.3%

58th District:

Christina Garcia  (Dem)  71.5% Patricia A. Kotze-Ramos (Rep) 28.5%

Statewide Ballot Propositions

Proposition 30- Temporary increase in sales tax and income taxes on higher income Californians.

Yes:  53.9% No: 46.1%

Proposition 31:Budget Reform

Yes:    39.2%           No: 60.8%

Proposition 32: Bans Pay Check deductions for political causes.

Yes: 43.9% No: 56.1%

Proposition 33: Auto Insurance Rates.

Yes: 45.4%   No: 54.6%

Proposition 34—Ends the State’s Death Penalty.

Yes: 47.2% No: 52.8%

Proposition 35: Harsher penalties for people convicted of human trafficking.

Yes:  81.1% No: 18.9%

Proposition 36: Changes Three Strikes Law.

Yes: 68.6% No: 31.4%

Proposition 37: Food Labeling.

Yes:   46.9%              No: 53.1%

Proposition 38: Higher Income taxes to pay for education.

Yes: 27.7%         No: 72.3%

Proposition 39—Changes tax code for multi-state corporations.

Yes: 60.1% No: 39.9%

Proposition 40—Approves Citizens Commission’s Redistricting Maps.

Yes: 71.4% No: 28.6%

County of Los Angeles

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey     54.99%

Alan Jackson 45.01%

Measure A–Only advisory, this measure asks voters if they are in favor of making the County Assessor an appointed rather than elected position.

Yes:   22.2%       No: 77.7%

Measure B–Would require performers in adult films to use condoms while engaged in sex act

Yes: 55.8% No: 44.1%

Measure J– To advance Los Angeles County’s traffic relief by accelerating light rail/subway construction within five years.

Yes:  64.7% No: 35.2%

City of Commerce

Measure AA. Sales Tax Increase to Fund Essential Services.

Yes: 67.2% No: 32.7%