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Archived: Who Will Reach Out to Vets After Veterans Day?

Sunday November 11, 2012,the nation will observe Veterans Day. Communities across the county will honor local veterans, and recognize the sacrifices they have made for their country.

The problem is that on Monday, November 12, many veterans will still be denied needed health care, many will still be homeless and jobless, something a grateful nation should not tolerate.

Many will say that veterans today volunteered to serve and knew what they were in for. We believe they volunteered with the understanding that their country would not abandon them to fend for themselves upon their return, which is not something a grateful nation should do.

It would be wonderful if members of the community would contact the various veterans’ organizations in their area and offer to provide whatever assistance they can to veterans in their neighborhoods.

Government and community groups need to develop lifelines, not only for the veterans, but also for their families. Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan will soon be returning home in much greater numbers, and their families, and we as a community, need to be prepared to help them make a smooth transition back into their homes and neighborhoods.