Archived: The Damper Hanging Over Christmas This Year


Christmas has always been a time of joy and celebration, even among those who claim not believe in Jesus, but still participate in the festiveness of the season of giving.

This Christmas, however, the murder of 20 small children and seven adults by a man just barely out of his teens has cast a shadow over the festivities. The fact that someone, anyone, could so callously kill two-dozen 5 and 6-year-olds is something we will probably never fully understand.

We can understand, however, how some will want to cower in their homes, their children close by their side in hopes of keeping them safe, but those actions are far from being a solution to what ails us.

As difficult as it is, we have to find the will and the courage to get back to our regular routines and life, and that includes our schools. Doing so does not say we don’t care about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but that we want to overcome that monstrous act by helping our children become strong, normal adults. At the same time, we can still go about finding the fixes and the tools that will help keep us safer.

We need to acknowledge that our mental health system in woefully lacking in the resources needed to help all the Adam Lanzas among us, and all the parents and families struggling to keep their child from becoming the next Adam Lanza. Our legislators must take action to increase the availability of mental health services, as well as fix our gun laws.

And now, despite the damper hanging over us, we have to find the strength to carry on and have faith that there is still a lot of goodness in the world: Just look around, its being demonstrated in countless acts of kindness and giving this holiday season.

From all of us here at EGP News, a very Merry Christmas.

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