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Finally, the issue of comprehensive immigration reform has come to the forefront of public and legislative discussion, and appears to be on track for some meaningful action.

What is missing from the discussion though seems to be the fact that it has become an imperative for the U.S. to start to gather and work with information that actually reflects reality.

The Internal Revenue and Social Security Administration have been dealing with nebulous numbers as to what the actual labor force numbers are. By legalizing the status of people working in the county without authorization, we will get a truer picture of our economy.

In our view, people who are able to account for their earnings will be more likely to comply with other reporting requirements, such as registering an automobile for example. The fact that everyone in this county will be able to have a Social Security number, we believe, will increase tax revenues through payroll deductions.

State and local governments will also be able to identify and document automobile ownership, regulate insurance coverage and take advantage of all the information that comes with having a legal driver’s license provides. Air travelers will all be better identified and counterfeit Social Security numbers will decrease as people are able to gain legal status.

If comprehensive immigration reform is achieved, the country will also finally be able to avail fully itself of the talents and education for which it has paid.

These are just a few of the benefits to be derived from documenting the existence of those whom are now for all intents and purposes Americans living in an underground world.

While it’s noble to speak of moral obligations and uniting families — and we agree with all of those reasons— the fact is that this country will derive a greater benefit economically from legalizing those it has already absorbed.

There is no greater benefit to a nation than all of the people who live there being citizens with the obligation to be a contributing member of society.

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