Archived: Marco Rubio’s Magic and John Boehner’s Power Equals Hispanic Votes


Hispanics voted in droves for California Democrat Governor Brown in 2010 then, they voted for his higher taxes last November. He fooled Hispanics by disguising higher sales taxes they pay arguing he was taxing the “rich.” California is now the country’s highest sales-taxing state. Who pays that most regressive of taxes?

Hispanics voted in droves for President Obama; their reward, smaller paychecks this January because Obama did not sponsor continuation of the Social Security tax “holiday.” When a Hispanic goes to an emergency room/doctor’s office to lance a boil, ear or eye examination, or have surgery, he is now paying more than in December because of Obama’s hidden tax on medical instruments as well as a larger Medicare payroll tax for all.

Thankfully, bloodlines to Spain and/or Amerindians spare most of us the new Obama surtax on tanning salons.

Afflicted with Obama’s record high unemployment /underemployment — record poverty (28%) and a record plunge of Hispanic net worth — all under Obama, 70% of Hispanics allegedly voted for Obama last November.

That landslide Hispanic Obama vote shocked Republican leaders finally– as in electric shock. Realistic Republicans realized that if they don’t draw more of that vote by 2016, the national Republican Party will disappear as it almost has in California.

No California statewide officeholder is Republican. All five big city mayors (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento and San Francisco) are Democrats for the first time in modern history. The majority of the Congressional delegation and both U.S. Senators are Democrats. The state legislature’s two houses have two-thirds or better Democrat majorities.

The California Republican Party is in rigor mortis. The national party, however, lives (26 governorships), and can rebuild itself to again be the Party that received over 40% of the 2004 Hispanic vote.

Two Republicans have the power and/or charisma to draw many Hispanics back to the GOP: first, there is a charismatic young Senator from Florida whose parents legally immigrated here from Cuba in the 1950s. He is articulate, energetic and brainy; he comes from the Right. Secondly, Speaker of the House John Boehner is the key to any future success of a Hispanic resurgence within the GOP. He is Establishment.

Speaker Boehner (third in Presidential succession) has every tool he needs to pass legislation he wants when he wants, with few exceptions. Immigration reform does not top the list of Hispanic issues, however, it is ultra-symbolic because right-wing fanatics and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have poisoned the issue.

Democrat Harry Reid introduced legislation in 1994 to deny citizenship to children born here to parents in the country illegally. The ugly words “anchor babies” that have so poisoned the issue are Democrat Harry Reid’s. He supported — we presume — California’s illegal Proposition 187.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, pundit Pat Buchanan, Arizona’s disgraced-politician Russell Pearce, Republicans all, and a right-wing cabal ranging from Rush Limbaugh to American Nazis all parrot Senator Harry Reid.

Boehner has the power to overcome that poisoned atmosphere by joining popular Senator Marco Rubio in sponsoring “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform (CIR). A majority of Americans including a majority of Republicans support CIR. Critics point to polls on individual details of CIR but most polls show solid support for a “comprehensive” approach.

Rubio’s approach: Temporary work permits for those here illegally (and family members already here) that aren’t permanent “Green Cards;” a period of time before these permitees can apply for a Permanent Resident “Green Card,” then a five year waiting period before application for citizenship, then a normal waiting period (3 to 5 years).  (2) End of the line behind regular legal citizenship applicants.  (3) A mandatory national verification system that employers must use before hiring anyone. (4) No felony convictions, (5) back taxes paid, (6) provisional legalization of children/people brought here as children and (7) strong border enforcement.

We must also expose Harry Reid’s ugly attempts to sabotage Republican Rubio’s proposal: “No plan will pass without a path to citizenship for those illegally here now.” The “anchor baby” man speaks, implying Rubio’s plan does not include a citizenship path.

Rubio and Boehner can sweep Reid and obstructionist Democrats away by using Boehner’s immense political power to persuade House Republicans by politics, committee assignments and 2014 primary challenges.

Power used skillfully now by Boehner can save the Republican Party of the future; unused power means the Party will die because many bewildered less-educated Hispanics will be fooled by the very people destroying them with poverty, unemployment and no hope for a future.

Doubts? Here is what Democrat Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told “POLITICO:”

“I think the recent remarks by Sen. Rubio are encouraging, that he sees a pathway to citizenship as core to immigration reform and [is]willing to look at a comprehensive bill as a vehicle for that.”

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