Archived: Sometimes It’s the Small Changes That Make the Biggest Difference


The beginning of a New Year provides for great enthusiasm for us to do better in the year ahead, but too often we make unrealistic demands on ourselves that just set us up for failure.

And so it is with commu-nities, and sadly our country. It seems they are still in a state of crisis, not only fiscally, but physically as well.

We need to do better when it comes to our individual health and that of our families to help stem the crisis of diabetes, obesity, heart and vascular diseases.

Improving the health of our children can start with something as simple as just cutting one sugary drink per day. We believe, and many health experts agree, that the results of that single change can lead to dramatic improvements in their health over time. It’s about the commitment to change for our own good.

By adding one serving of fruits and vegetables, consuming one less fatty or sugary snack, we could probably help a child and/or an adult improve their health. Turning off the TV and video games for just one hour a day might just inspire our young people to go outside and get some exercise. And who knows, maybe the adults in their life will be inspired to do it with them.

These are just a few of examples of the countless small changes that can be made which we are sure can help improve our country’s overall health.

And in case you need a financial incentive, improving people’s health is the best way to reduce the money we individually spend each year on healthcare, and to reduce the cost of keeping the US’s very expensive health systems running.

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