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City of Los Angeles Measures

Prop A—The Neighborhood Public Safety and Vital City Services funding and Accountability Measure Sales Tax proposal for 1/2 percent new sales tax.

The proponents of Measure a are blaming state cuts in funding for the need to provide more funding for 911 emergency response services, maintain firefight, paramedic and police staffing.

In addition the revenue raised would also help fund, senior services, pot hole and sidewalk repair drug prevention and gang services.

Which would be OK if it weren’t for the fact that city tax payers have already provided founds for these services, where did the funds go? Ask the proposals of the measure.

Its easy to lull the voters and city residents into thinking that a 1/2 cent added to the sales tax is a miniscule amount except when you add it to the already 9.00 percent sales tax they pay then the cost of sales taxes becomes a hefty 9.25%.

The proposers of this new sales tax say that the $215 million in new revenue will keep the city form having to lay off 500 police officers, really? We’ve heard that line before and don’t believe the city won’t find a way not to lay off this many officers—they’ve don that before when they halted the layoffs of city workers last year.

May 9.25% of every purchase doesn’t seem like much to those proposing it, but it does to those with families to support, seniors on social security, working commuters now paying more than $4.00 per gallon of gas.

And we believe that consumers, or tourists wont’ take the opportunity to shop surrounding cities with lower tax rates?

We’re told the city can’t afford to lose this sales tax increment, we say that consumers just can’t afford to stretch their already strained budgets any more.

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