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Archived: LA’s 16% Election, A New Low for Angelenos

We’re being told by political pundits, commentators and political science professors that Tuesday’s record low voter turnout can be blamed on candidates who failed to provide solutions the voters could get excited about.

We don’t understand that reasoning, especially in the city of Los Angeles where voters had a chance to replace nearly half the city council, select a new mayor, and decide whether they want to pay another half cent on every dollar worth of merchandise they buy.

In our view, that should be reason enough to get excited, or at the least scared enough, to go out and vote on issues that are sure to have a substantial impact on the quality of life in this city.

Obviously, 84 percent of Los Angeles’ 1.8 million registered voters don’t agree with us.

But is it really a lack of exciting candidates, or is it as we suspect, that voters just don’t believe anything they are told either by the candidates or their supporters, so for them, casting a vote is just a waste of time?

Human beings, once disregarded, lied to or who feel they have been the victims of half-truths and hidden motives, are unlikely to stay engaged in a process they feel betrayed them

Sadly, many voters have been made to feel unimportant by powerful, moneyed self-interested groups intent on forcing their views on voters, and the politicians they elect.

This nation’s political parties, politicians and society had better begin to mend their ways and attitudes about the voters or someday they may hold elections that no one will attend, then what?

It is time to reform how money is spent by special interest groups in elections, no matter what side of the aisle they line up on.

It’s hard to convince the citizens of this country to participate in democracy when its seems that those they elect to office only care about themselves, and the interests of the supporters who helped pay their way into office.

In May, Angelenos will get a second chance to have a say in how this city is run, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and keep hoping they’ll decide to take it.