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Eastern Group Publications today re-endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Our Primary endorsement stressed that we believe Garcetti has not backed away from most of the issues that have led Los Angeles into its financial crisis, and has shown a willingness to make difficult decisions regarding the city’s deeply troubled budget morass.

We still believe that to be true.

Every city official has backed bad choices that have had deep and painful consequences for Los Angeles. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa acknowledged his bad decisions Tuesday during his last State of the City Address as mayor.

A true leader is one who will own up to the mistakes, learn from them, and has the courage to go back and try to make things right, if not at least better.

Asking your employees to make larger contributions toward some of their benefits is not a pleasant thing to do, but as president of the city council, Eric Garcetti asked the city’s police and fire employees to do just that, and they did. We know he did not do it alone, or maybe always as quickly or willingly as some would have liked. As council president there were many things he could have done to skirt the issues, but he recognized that we are all in this together and set an example for the rest of the city’s employees to follow.

We are impressed that in the run up to the May 21 election, Eric Garcetti has for the most part remained unflappable and less strident than his opponent, a characteristic we believe will bode well for the city of Los Angeles.

City Controller Wendy Greuel is a formidable and experienced leader and has many accomplishments from which Angelenos have benefitted, but in our view Eric Garcetti is the better choice for mayor.

As we stated in our Primary Election endorsement, we are looking for the candidate who has an intimate understanding of the city’s diverse neighborhoods, but who can still keep his or her eye on what is in the best interest of all of Los Angeles. That candidate is Eric Garcetti and he has our endorsement.

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