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The illegal immigration problem feels like it’s been going on forever. Every time somebody tries to fix it, they only make it worse, and by worse I mean more costly and more harmful to the people involved. The current fix being planned in Congress is the worst yet, worst because it will harm millions more people than ever before and cost trillions of American taxpayer dollars.

To begin with, Washington’s politicians are treating this issue as if the immigrants are the beginning and the end of the problem, when they are just the symptom to a deeper problem. That main problem is the Mexican government. It is one of the most corrupt governments in the world. It is completely controlled by special interest groups, large monopolies, Drug Lords and rich powerful landowners. The Mexican politicians represent only these rich special interest groups, not the Mexican middle class or the poor.

The reason the poor are not represented in the Mexican government is that the poor are moving to America and so can not vote in Mexican elections to get people in government that represent them and so create a climate where the poor can more easily move up the financial scale and obtain a better life. By running off to America, the poor of Mexico are running away from their responsibility to vote for people who represent them and so create a government in Mexico that represents them and their interests. So, since many of the poor have gone to America, the rich have a majority in the Mexican government.

To demonstrate the effect of this; imagine if the Republicans get rid of the Democrats in America by sending them to Canada, the result would be a government run by Republicans only and so only the supporters of the Republicans and their interests get taken care of.  Some people would say this is good, others will say not good. But this is the situation in Mexico and the way to put the Mexican government back in balance is to get the Mexicans who ran off to America, back to Mexico to vote the right people into their government. But this is not happening because it is not in the interest of Democrats who want the votes of these Mexicans to keep the Democrats in power.

What America is really doing is supporting those rich special interest groups in Mexico by reducing the number of poor Mexicans who would vote against their interests. While it is true that Mexicans in America can vote with a absentee ballot, they do not do this for fear of being caught and deported.

Some of the special interest groups in Mexico are often referred as the “Untouchables”, their power is really that strong. They do not like competition so they have the government put up barriers to any Mexican citizen who wants to start up a business that may give them some competition. They have the government give them problems, like regulations and taxes to make it impossible to make any profit. This is why about half the people in Mexico live in severe poverty, often in dirt floor shacks without running water or electricity. One of the reasons the poverty is not higher in Mexico is the 18 billion dollars sent to Mexico from Mexicans living in America, it is in fact the 10th largest source of income in Mexico.

Most of the land in Mexico is owned by rich people who are well connected to the government that gives them just about any favor they want to keep competition away. Again, leaving the average citizen without any land, unless they pay large rental fees to the landowners, and taxes to the government.

It will be noted that Mexico has little and in some cases no border control on the border with America, this is so because Mexico wants the poor to move to America. In fact, the Mexican government gives the poor who want to leave, instructions on how to go to America and what to do once they get here.

While Mexico is pushing out these poor people; America is attracting them with free education, welfare, food stamps and many other social services. This is so because the powers that be in America, namely the Democrats who want their votes since they vote mostly Democratic, and the Republicans also want these immigrants for the cheap labor; it is believed that the American farm industry cannot harvest their crops without this Mexican labor. So, come to America is what they do.

Anybody who suggests that the illegal Mexicans that are in America be sent back to Mexico is called a racist and a hateful person. But to be realistic about this; if  Mexicans that are in America are sent back to Mexico they can then vote for politicians who will represent their interests and so create opportunities for them to make a decent living and get other help from the government. Then and only then can this problem of illegal immigration to America be solved.  Mexico can then join the other nations of the world with a modern economy that benefits everybody. The current direction America and Mexico are on will only continue the disastrous situation that is causing terrible pain and suffering for the people of Mexico and America.

So, the whole immigration issue is just rigging elections by Mexico and America. While the people in both countries are getting hurt by this.

Mexico has a population of 116,220,947, about half live in poverty so there are 59 million poor people living in Mexico. If about half of these 59 million poor Mexicans receive money from relatives in America they most likely will remain in Mexico, but this still leaves 29 million Mexicans who will have a stronger incentive to move to America if Congress passes immigration reform. If this happens, no Republican will get elected to office again. The cost of social service to these Mexican will most likely bankrupt America. But then again, America is headed for bankruptcy anyway.

Jose Lugo is an editor at Direct Democracy TV.

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