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Archived: Legislators Should Pass The ‘Natural Gas Act’

There is a bill before the State Assembly, AB 1257 (Bocanegra) The Natural Gas Act that Eastern Group Publications supports and wants to call to the attention of our readers.

We believe the bill will provide a clear plan for the further development of the Natural Gas Industry, and in doing so, will also help clean California’s air, considered among the most polluted in the country.

Natural Gas is a non-toxic, low carbon, clean burning fuel that could be a good source of clean fuel for the state’s industrial and transportation sectors.

Supporting development of the state’s natural gas industry could also be helpful to California’s still ailing economy and prove a good source for jobs that are better paying than the low-wage jobs that are currently leading job growth in the state.

Utility companies, including those that supply natural gas, by and large have a decent track record when it comes to providing good paying jobs and growth opportunities for their employees. Supporting The Natural Gas Act could expand those opportunities to more Californians.

Studies have also shown that natural gas is one of the most affordable sources of energy for heating and cooking in the home.

The Southern California Gas Company and SDG&E have reportedly invested more than $550 million to support natural gas and other energy efficiency programs and projects in California, adding more than 1,950 good paying jobs in the Southern California Region and another 2,300 jobs in the region served by SDG&E .

Having said all of this, we are not unaware that there have been some serious problems with the transmission gas lines, but EGP believes that with adequate oversight and regulation these problems can be controlled.

EGP believes that the benefits in AB1257 far outweigh any concerns some might have about the legislation, and we urge legislators to approve the measure.