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We find it difficult to understand why people will not make the effort to pick up the phone and dial the three numbers that could help make their neighborhoods more pleasant places to live.

Rather than dial 311, the city of Los Angeles’ general information line, they will for weeks step over, walk around and complain about the sofas, TVs, discarded bookshelves and old mattresses carelessly dumped on city sidewalks and streets.

The people most deserving of blame are those that dumped the items in the first place. They could have called the city and arranged for a pick up with significantly less effort than what it took to get the items out of their home and on to the street, if they’d only taken the time.

We’re not sure why, maybe the long holiday weekend motivated people to get rid of those things no longer wanted or unusable, but since the 4th of July we have noticed more discarded furniture and trash of all sorts on the streets of many of Los Angeles’ neighborhoods and in neighboring cities.

Dumping trash in alleys and industrial areas makes no sense and is more time and energy consuming than calling 311 and scheduling a bulky item pick up, and then placing the item on the curb in front of where you live for the city to haul away.

Trash in public areas only attracts more trash, just as graffiti on walls attracts more graffiti. With all the serious issues facing us today you may be wondering why we are spending time on this issue. Well, we believe that quality of life issues such as safe streets and pleasant surroundings create a better environment for residents. It lifts people’s spirits and views of their world. It shows that we care about the areas where we live.

If we don’t show we care, it’s a pretty sure bet that the politicians who decide how to spend our money won’t care either.

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