Archived: Time to Treat Aggressive Drivers to Aggressive Enforcement


The time has come for traffic control and police enforcement agencies to take a closer look at the increase in hit and run accidents.

As other crimes decrease around the Southland, more attention should be placed on aggressively enforcing traffic rules Countywide. Too often, on the grounds that there are more important issues to tackle, potentially dangerous traffic situations have been allowed to go on unabated.

There seems to be a feeling by some of the motoring public that it is okay for as many cars as can get away with it to make a left turn after the traffic signal has turned red. We have seen as many as six cars force their way through even though cars traveling in the opposite direction have the green light.

It’s a hazard to drivers, and to pedestrians who are made to feel they have to run across a big intersection to avoid being hit by drivers who are offended that they have to stop for them.

Many drivers automatically blast their horns immediately the moment the light changes, not caring if there is a pedestrian still in the crosswalk. This stupid practice has caused some drivers waiting for the light to change to start to move before the intersection is clear.

We don’t know why some perfectly nice people turn into monsters behind the wheel of a car, but maybe some aggressive enforcement will change their attitudes.

We don’t admire aggressive drivers. We believe they are a menace to all who have to share the roads with them. Drivers with a lead foot who speed around schools are particularly reprehensible, and we do not understand their lack of consideration for the safety of children on their way to or from school.

It’s about time that they are taught a strong lesson for all our safety.

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