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Re: Recalls Rarely Productive, Sept. 26, 2013

I share the concern of EGP News regarding the push for a recall election in the City of Commerce. As EGP stated, recall elections should only be held when there is clear evidence of public officials’ extreme malfeasance or criminal wrongdoing.

Commerce voters spoke just six months ago in March of 2013 and elected the three councilmembers who are targets of the recall effort. As mayor, I am proud of all of my colleagues on our city council. We consider the issues before us with thoughtful and sober discussion. A review of our voting record would reveal in almost every case, a unanimous vote on budgetary and policy issues.

Only recently has the city been able to slowly climb out of the National recession that impacted all levels of government. The projected expense of the recall election is upwards of $33,000 plus associated staff costs. These are funds that could be better spent on enhanced recreation, library or social services for Commerce residents.

I would encourage Commerce voters to carefully consider the reasons for this recall effort. I urge voters to disregard the signature gathering effort and allow the democratic process to unfold. There is a city election scheduled for March of 2015.




Mayor Joe Aguilar

City of Commerce