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Eastern Group Publications is celebrating its 34th year of publishing its community newspapers. The oldest. the Eastside Sun has been in publication for more than 68 years while the newest, the Vernon Sun, is 5-years-old.

Our newspapers have circulated in the cities of Commerce, Bell Gardens, Vernon, Montebello, Monterey Park, and several communities throughout East and Northeast Los Angeles, always following one guiding principal, to serve the “Public’s right to know” by providing local communities with local news that is factual, well-written and that respects our readers.

We have at times had to publish stories about people that are controversial or put people in an unfavorable light, despite their popularity with some members of the community. We do this because we have a responsibility to you, our readers, to give you the facts to the best of our ability. But we have always tried to be fair and as accurate as possible.

Since the very beginning, we have attempted to make sure that public and legal notices, which tell the public about actions being undertaken by local cities, county, state, and federal entities that impact people’s lives, are published locally. We are proud to say that the local reach of public notice today is much more extensive than when EGP first started its campaign to get them posted in the community newspapers that reach local readers.

It is important to note that the regulations pertaining to the posting of public notices is determined by state law through jurisdiction by the Superior Court and not local governments, which we believe keeps it out of political maneuvering by local entities.

EGP believes we have a responsibility to endorse candidates for public and elected office and issues on the ballot in an unbiased, objective and as fair way as possible. It is not an easy task.

We know that some, at times maybe many of our readers will disagree with our endorsements, and understand that it is impossible for all of our readers to agree with our endorsements all the time. However, we want our readers to know that our endorsements are not based on our personal likes and dislikes. We give everyone a fair chance to present themselves to our editorial board and to undergo a full and comprehensive interview on relevant issues in an open and frank way.

These are the principles and ethics that guide us now, and which will continue to guide us in the future.

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