Archived: Left Leaning Author’s ‘Assortive Mating’ Theory is ‘Silliness’


Sam Pizzigati has another Leftist article in your opinion page of Thursday, February 13, entitled “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.”  His article connects, believe it or not, inequality and love!  His love affair with sociologists, who can”t find anything to write about except trivial matters, leads him to point out the “tendency for the rich to marry someone rich and the poor to marry someone poor.”  And it is this phenomenon “which is contributing significantly to our growing inequality.”  Pizzigati and his sociologist lovers even have a label for this: they call it “assortative mating.”

This is silliness. People have the freedom to date whomever they will. Here is another piece of evidence of how silly Pizzigati”s article is:  he calls the 1960”s “a much more equal time in America.”  Everyone knows that the 1960”s was a time marked with strife particularly over Civil Rights for unequal treatment.


Pizzigati”s article is just another example of how the Liberal Leftist is always concerned with material inequality. How does the Liberal Leftist want to make a good society?  Abolish inequality in every area of life. Contrast that with the Conservative view. We want to make a good society by preserving the values of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as they are outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

Let us go over those words and read them carefully:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


Notice it says that people are created equal. People start out born equally, with equal opportunity, as the Creator sees fit. There is no guarantee of equal outcomes for all. Not everyone in life is going to earn an equal number of dollars, or find happiness and dignity in equal shares. Notice it also says that these rights are given to us by our Creator – not by the government. We have these rights because we are human beings. Our Creator gave us Life (and hence, Conservatives are more anti-abortion, whereas Leftists are more pro-abortion) and Liberty to decide our own fate and make decisions, yes, even of whom to date – and not have the government decide for us.


When we read these words carefully we understand that the notion of God is essential for society, and that the morality that a God implies restrains our wicked nature. A government that assumes to take the place of God becomes corrupt absolutely.

For the Leftist, how to make a good society means: abolishing material inequality, fighting global warming, and fostering sexual equality and animal rights. For the Conservative, how to make a good society means: protecting our human, unalienable rights, fighting murder, cruelty, and oppression wherever it exists, and fostering character building morality by exercising freedom to worship God.

Pizzigati and his sociologist Socialists can take their “assortative mating” to bed and sleep on it!


James Herrmann is a resident of Commerce, CA.

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