Archived: Time to Clear the Air Mr. D’Arcy? Yes, Please Do


What a disappointment to read Brian D’Arcy’s explanation on why he continues to defy calls for him to turn over documents substantiating how $40 million in ratepayer monies were used by the Joint Safety Institute and Joint Training Institute trusts.

D’Arcy is the business manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 18.

In a letter published Feb. 6 in the Los Angeles Times, D’Arcy states that he has been reluctant to speak out of respect for the rules in the Trust agreement.

D’Arcy claims he has a responsibility to preserve the institution’s independence from political meddling. In the next paragraph he states he recognizes that institutions such as the trust funds need to have the public’s faith and confidence.

While he does say he well make the results of a “new and comprehensive audit report” available online to trust beneficiaries, in other words IBEW members, his continued refusal to make the information available to the public and for city audit will do little to inspire pubic confidence or dispel concerns that the funds were not properly spent.

In fact, his stonewalling and threats of lawsuits against anyone who cooperates with public officials are making more people believe something unsavory is afoot.

D’Arcy knows full well that the trust funds are not private. They are the result of a deal between IBEW Local 18 and the city-owned Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, funded by Los Angeles ratepayers.

Those ratepayers have a right to know how their money is being spent, and to audit those expenditures at their will.

As far as we are concerned, D’Arcy’s proposed comprise, which also includes bringing in former state attorney general and city attorney John Van de Kamp to act as an independent arbitrator, in no way “clears the air” as he suggests.

We understand that as the business manager of Local 18 he at times has had to have an adversarial relationship with the DWP, particularly during contract negotiations, but these are not contract negotiations Mr. D’Arcy, nor should they be up for negotiations.

Stop comparing Kaiser Permanente’s changes for health care with your stance on this matter, stop comparing apples and oranges.

The media reports what the public needs to know it’s the media job to “meddle” as you call it.

If there is no wrongdoing by the trusts, it’s time to stop reacting as if there is. Your attitude will only increase the public’s mistrust of all DWP employees. They don’t deserve to be put under the bad light of your attitude.

You need to remember that trust lost is never entirely regained.

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