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Possible closure of ESP school in Boyle Heights (Feb. 27, 2014):

There are some key inaccuracies in this article. 

I was one of the ESP teachers involved in negotiations last year and ESP was never told that it had one last year at the East LA Skills Center. That is simply not true. We were told we had to secure magnet status in order for our program to grow and become more fiscally sustainable (although we have always been fiscally sustainable) and we are in the process of finalizing the magnet process as we speak. If you look at the Boyle Heights Zone of Choice information for next year, you find that ESP is shown to be located at the East LA Skills Center. Why would that be published if there was an understanding that the school would move? The District is lying. Period. 



…We never agreed nor were ever informed, verbally or in writing, of a one-year limit to staying at the East LA Skills Center. As a matter of fact, the District has still not explained any reason we cannot stay here next year. What are the plans for this space? At least $2 million was invested into turning this place into a school, who will benefit from that investment? And why have our parents not been given a voice?

—Erica Huerta


On the US House of Representatives failure to extend long-term unemployment benefits: (Feb. 13, 2014):

Never in 40 years did I ever need any assistance. I … was able to complete my Bachelors Degree. I apply for jobs that I am over qualified for and have received only 2 interviews. Part of my issue is the fact I am 58 years old and nobody wants to hire an older person, or at least it seems. Plus the jobs have been given to illegals and there are not decent paying jobs available. If you want to talk about entitlements, look at all the “white-collar” entitlements that continue to this day. And let us not forget the big bailouts to financial institutions and their bonus compensation checks at the expense of taxpayers. Take $270.00 away from the big CEO’s and it means nothing, but take it from us, it means food, clothes and heat. 

—Mark G. Eden


…This is not crazy but just cruel. It’s like they are wanting us to starve to death. I have worked all my life and a job loss last year has gotten me to the point I have no idea what to do. It did help receiving the unemployment benefits. I just ran out of my regular benefits … now I cannot get nothing. I would gladly give Congress my email address and password. They can look at the hundreds and hundreds of jobs I have applied for. Still nothing, but who am I? I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth although Congress things we all were.  America….the land of the free? I do not think so.

—Norma Keys


Looking for work not lazy. Losing my home/car/food and ability and to be able to seek employment. Joining the ranks of those who are not counted but rest assured my vote will be. Thanks Congress! 

      —Patrick McDonald

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