Archived: Pelosi Says Republican Refusal to Extend Unemployment Benefits ‘Immoral’


The U.S. Senate earlier this month approved an extension of long-term unemployment benefits, but hopes were dashed that a deal could be reach before Congress’ Easter recess, and most observers say the measure faces an uphill battle in the House when legislators return to work.

Last week, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California called House Republicans refusal to vote on extending unemployment benefits “immoral.”

Pelosi’s comment comes in a letter to Nevada’s Republican Governor, Brian Sandoval, and Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, a Democrat, in which she thanks them for their support of extending jobless benefits to the long-time unemployed.

The governors wrote Pelosi and House Speaker John A. Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, and urged them to take up the Senate’s bill, reported Daniel Newhauser for Roll Call.

The unemployment rates in Nevada and Rhode Island, where the pace of recovery following the Great Recession has been slower than the national average, are the highest in the country.

“As you know, long-term unemployment remains unacceptably high despite the fact that our economy has been recovering from the worst recession in generations. When our country has experienced similar rates of long-term unemployment in the past, Congress has consistently acted in a bipartisan fashion to extend emergency unemployment benefits,” the governors wrote.

In response, Pelosi wrote: “It is unconscionable” that the House has failed to act. “Never before has Congress allowed emergency unemployment insurance to expire while long-term unemployment rates have remained so high.”

“House Republicans’ refusal to extend emergency unemployment insurance is callous, shortsighted and immoral,” Roll Call reported Pelosi wrote.

There are Republicans who believe a compromise can be reached to move forward passage when the legislative body returns from its recess. Some republicans want job-related measures added to the bill and to then send it back to the Senate. According to Roll Call, Boehner is waiting for those proposals to come from the White House before he will consider moving ahead, but there seems to be little support in the GOP Conference for passing an extension.

In the meantime, the California Department of Employment Development, (EDD), which oversees the state’s unemployment benefits program, on last week put the number of Californians who have now run out of benefits at nearly 1.3 million.

On Friday of last week, according to EDD, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Los Angeles County was holding steady at 8.7 percent in March, compared to the previous month, and was below the 10.1 percent rate in March 2013.

Total nonfarm employment increased by 18,900 jobs in Los Angeles County between February and March to reach nearly 4.2 million. The government sector accounted for the bulk of the increase, adding 5,700 jobs, according to the EDD.

About 431,000 people were unemployed in March in Los Angeles County, which has a labor force of nearly 5 million. Statewide, 1.5 million people were unemployed, up slightly from February.



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  2. Andrew Iorio on

    The politicans are fooling themselves guess who will have the last word come the Nov elections

  3. I am in the same boat as all these other unfortunate souls. I have read your stories and comments and can certainly empathize with you all. Extending unemployment benefits just doesn’t seem to be on the radar anymore for
    Congress or the general population. I too will soon lose my apartment due to not being able to pay my rent. I’ve also have applied for food stamps and am currently receiving them. I’m out of money and out of hope. We cannot hope and pray any longer that the House will pass these benefits. If they were going to do so it would have been done by now. Good luck to everyone and try to keep the faith anyway you can. Our situations will get better because they can’t get any worse.

  4. Javier Grabowski on

    I been reading the comments of many & know one mentions the company they where laid-off from. I was laid-off from Coca-Cola North America Group after 9 years. Where I started in production then coke shut down production & I spent the last 2 years as a warehouse order/builder before getting laid-off.
    From my research I have found that republicans what to add the pervisions to the UI bill one is KEYSTONE XL pipe line & the other is REPEAL or REPLACE Obama care. So there it is there. As long as Obama care is relevant republicans will not budge on UI.
    With that said the White House stated that Obama care is here to stay.
    Think of it this way even if there was an uprising in peacefull protest for impeachment congress knows there days are numbered & they are not going give the UI extension to the same ppl that are going to vote them out of office.

  5. need help no money for rent. gas. bills. and almost crying with my kids ask me for ice cream and need to say no please. with be in the country in the world. please don’t do this to all people with desert unemployment extension. i don’t know what out to do

  6. julian roque on

    my name is julian roque i been unemployed since may 2013. with my boss doing discrimination to me. i have open cases with the state. of California. i have.two kids with. me one is special autism. step daughter” .come from. Nicaragua. after. usa deported to my country. after 8 years she was here. the lawyer make mistakes. and with pay the consequences. i stayed with my kids almosta year with out Christmas. no birthday sister pass of way in November same year. in Florida. i can’t go. because my situation. i pay child support for my daughter in Modesto ca. i was depressed. high blood

  7. If they dont give us extension that only going to send people to the welfare then that will make welfare an all time high for us hard worker that worked hard not fare crime will raise if that happened

  8. I worked all my life and was layed off will I still be able to collect unemployment extension??

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  10. I certainly hope that members of congress enjoyed their Easter meals as they obce again left the unemployed hanging. I am sure many went without holiday food, possibly relying on the kindness of family and friends to provide a meal. I am also sure that the children of unemployed parents did not get their customary treats to celebrate. On this holiest Christian observance, it is very sad that our lawmakers have shown the most unchristian attitude by allowing their fellow humans suffer from poverty and despair. Most unemployed people have nowhere to turn. Do they understand that not only the unemployed are affected, but the entire economy is hurt? And I’m sure if the statistics were given, state welfare must be on the rise, not to mention suicides! Shame on them for letting this happen! I pray that when they come back from vacation with their minds clear and their bellies full that they will come to their senses and have some compassion in their hearts! Mr. President, it is time you throughyour weight around and do something!

  11. While the Senate and House — continue to live their comfortable lives — take another vacation, they barely returned from their last one — I am packing my last few belongings and moving out of my home. I have lost my home due to foreclosure and non-payment. I was laid off my job 15 months ago due to another company from Canada buying the business and bringing in their own people. Everyday I look for a job — it has become my full time job, but there is no paycheck and no income. While congress goes about their daily comfortable lives and argue over semantics, I have lost my home, my car, my credit. I’ve worked for 50 years, paid into all the government programs. where is the help when I need it? I am so mad at Congress for looking the other way on millions who have done everything right. /Shame on you. What’s my chance of finding a job while I’m living on the street?

  12. Shizue Leigh Hicks on

    Let’s hope Nancy Pelosi’s word — “immoral” — will finally strike a chord with Republicans, especially John Boehner.

    John Boehner’s stupidity, arrogance, and immorality are the only reasons that, week after week, since December 31, 2013, that attempts at reinstatement of Unemployment Extension Benefits have failed. Boehner is playing political games to God-only-knows what end.

    I am one of the long-term unemployed in California. My situation is not dire.

    I have been reading and following along the different blogs on the subject beginning with the Stanford Daily in February where a poster named “hopeless” was already contemplating suicide by running their car in an enclosed garage.

    Almost four months later without the extension, it’s probably much worse.

    John Boehner is the one and only culprit in this tragedy and it is John Boehner who, alone, should be held accountable for the hunger, the homelessness, and the desperation that leads to suicides over this debacle.

  13. im in the prosess of looseing my car which will make it very hard to get a job. and very soon I will also be homeless I do thank the state for foodstamps or I would starve to death. I pray they vote to give a 3 month exst. PLEASE!

  14. revy dearing on

    Why are the Republicans doing this to their party. Do they think this will help the platform they stand for? Is there a chance that the people will forgive them for this? Do they think the numbers of unemployed affected by their inability to vote EU are not substantial enough to undermine the well being of the Republican Party. The majority speaker of the house is a Senator to one state with a high unemployment rate. I believe he will be scrutinized thoroughly for his conduct in these times of emergency. This seems to me a lot like the needs of a few take presidence over the needs of the many. Please someone enlighten me with some good logical Republican news…..I’m at a loss here.

  15. Paul Robersoon on

    YI have been home from prison for 5 yrs and in that time I have held some of the worst jobs since the 1800’s. Because of the walmart mantra and the globalization the empolyee is no longer rewarded for hard work and dedication. In hopes of working my way from the bottom I blindly gave my all to jobs that 20 years ago were concidered great career oppertunityes. The union busting done by states elected officials and big business it self has left even once concidered great jobs just a shell. The senority workers whom came to a point were the employee based contracts had to be renewed. In essense they eighter voted to sell out those behind them or they ould loose 15or 20 years of benefits. So now I sit long term unemployed with all of my bills being no less than 90 days pastdue . Wondering why rich congressperson’s belive that I rather face eviction than get a job. In an economy where a PHD is applying for McDonalds who do you thiks is gonna be picked. As I can tell you not the black ex-con who has not been rearrested finished parole obtained a car,apartment and.done so on minuimum wage jobs. If anyone thinks that.congress care ask yourself this how does a person who has not been in a grocery store or dollar store gonna understand that its.nt that you don’t wanna work but for almost. 2 years now been out of even a parttime job . I have bag food washed cars cut grass fixed sinks ect,ect and most of which 8 never done but with research and youtube videos I have made a way Ihave pawned everything I worked hard for to pay bill. Now 8 am about to sink and 8 have never once thought about committing another. Crime the.crime is that rich white guys hold the keys to my being able to live in all I worked hard for until they can come up with a plan to.get me another daedend minuim wage job with no future euc benefits have had as much ben a part of the recovery as the benefitless jobs congresss let’s big business get away with. Anyone who believes that I would…

  16. Ok congress let these wall street schmucks and investment bankers run the world into recession then they bailed them out when their companies went bankrupt also let all of them keep the money they stolefrom the people but won’t bail the people out then you wonder why other countries don’t want diplomacy they look at us and see the rich steal from the poor and get away with it foul foul foul

  17. michael hagquist on

    i am truly greatful for nancy pelosi being on our side and i hope she can get more support and see this through to a positive ending

  18. michael hagquist on

    i cant beleive that one person can keep a bill from being put to a vote that would help three million STRUGGLEING AMERICANS johnny bone head is a total SCUM BAG 96 million other people have gotten help since 2008 it was never offset before i really need this help as well as three million other people and its not fair at all .all the republicans are doing is playing political tug of war with the democrats in the mean time we are suffering my only hope is that people remember this when its time to vote

  19. I have been out of work since May 2013; my benefits ran out December 28, 2013–and I have been applying fevorishly EVERY week–but can’t find work! It’s not my fault! It is NOBODY’S fault! I need the backdated benefits to pay for rent, food, etc! WHY can’t the Republicans in the House pass an extension of UEI? This is same old obstructionalism from the Republicans—and it is SHAMEFULL! Why can’t President Obama issue an executive order to extend benefits?

  20. Mike Vincenti on

    Pass emergency unemployment benefits already in the house … We help so many countries abroad this is ridiculous that we cannot help own on country … These people are children too.

  21. It’s very sad that this is going on. I’ve been working for a while as an EMT and when I was injured on the job I went to being a dispatcher then I was fired I haven’t been able to find a job since June 2012 due to my back injury. It has been more than hard because I have a year old daughter and now that I am unable to pay for my car im going to have to turn it in. I’m just more than sad because I’ve worked so hard to keep a float until I can find a job. At this point I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

  22. These benefits need to be extended immediately.

    Call John Boehner’s office and discuss this issue with him or leave a message with his assistant.

    John Boehner
    Phone: (202) 225-0600
    (#1 to leave a message #2 to speak with his assistant)

    8 Billion has been removed from our GDP since January due to the hold on this program.

  23. It is a sad situation, my unemployment will terminated at 26 weeks in 3 weeks. I am 61 years old and believe me when I tell you I have looked for work. With so few jobs they are taking younger people and paying them smaller salaries. I have never drawn unemployment before however my job was eliminated after almost 29 years and I actually paid into the system for 46 years without ever being laid off. What are people like me to do? It is immoral to take someones lifeline when they are doing all that they can to find employment.

  24. Unemployment in the United States is not new but this “new unemployment figures” indicate that this is novel. Having said that the problem in the USA is 2 fold (a) that while the Republican Party recognizes that UI is necessary in this case, they will strongly resist it because it would be better if Americans are unemployed. This shows that the Democrats have done a bad job on the economy. That is the only reason and that shows the mentality of the Republican Party. The main focus is on winning the next elections regardless if the most important thing now is to help Americans who paid tax and through no fault of their own are unemployed. This is sad but true. Added to this is that the Republican Party are working for their Lobbyists (personally I believe that this is corruption recognized all over the world save the USA).
    Besides calling Americans “LAZY” and referring to a silly report written for this purpose-that unemployment benefits if given will be less incentive for people to go to work, the Republican Party has now given an ultimatum to the Democratic Party-that unless they approve the KEYSTONE PROJECT-that will benefit all the oil companies and flush monies to the lobbyists to pass on to the Republican Party-they will not approve the UI. This is because the oil pipeline will bring jobs….they don’t realize that much land of farmers/catttleowners will be affected and an environmental impact assessment shows damage to the environment. Besides all that the Republican Party equates human beings to corporate needs and the latter trumps! Human beings are not important but money is.
    Finally, the USA has very, very bad laws that deal with separation of employees from corporations. In fact there is NO LAW in the USA that regulates the contract of employment of US workers. This is shocking and rather uncivilized when you consider the rest of the world that has made “Contracts at will” illegal! There is a court that deal with domestic violence but not a court that…

  25. I applaud Representative Nancy Pelosi and Govenors Sandoval and Chafee. The Democrats are on board, to pass the Senate’s E.U.C. bill into law, now if only the Republican Govenors would announce their support, it would encourage House Speaker Boehner to at least call the bill for a vote on the House floor. To continue to ignore over 3 million American citizens, should be grounds for impeachment, for Speaker Boehner.

  26. I live in RI and lost my job as winter set in I work. In a surface mine as a plant and heavy equipment operator at the begingng of winter they close down for good leaving us with a job at the worst time.. And here in ri it has been a long winter and companies are still not hiring. I have 20 years experience and in that 20 I have never had this happen. I also can say I’m ashamed to be a american this country is awefull to live in period. We are taxed to death on everything soo. There will be a tax to breath the air you spend you life paying in to the system and they take withoout asking no problem at all. But when u need help you get nothing. Well we the people should hold a vote and see if we want to pay in anymore to yoy blood sucking thieves!!! I bet it would be unanimous in favor of no. We need new leaders all these big business bums need to creep there way out of are lives.

  27. DON’T HELP THE UNEMPLOYED, JUST HELP YOURSELF…..When the Senate comes back after its April recess, it’s slated to take up legislation that would extend $85 billion in tax breaks that would benefit everyone from NASCAR track owners and Hollywood studios to corporate multinationals. The bill includes more than 50 provisions known as “tax extenders”—tax breaks that were originally intended to be temporary, but which Congress has extended annually. It’s poised to go through the motions again and pass yet another extenders bill with strong bipartisan support, without offsetting any of the cost. But this year, as always, the tax extenders bill also includes a slew of special-interest giveaways. There’s a $71 million tax break to help racecar track-builders; a $336 million excise tax on rum imported to the U.S. from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands that goes back help their rum industries; and a $27 million film production credit for movie studios that make their films in the U.S. WHAT ABOUT US?

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