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Archived: Semi Trucks May Be the Cause of Potholed Highland Park Alley

Highland Park residents have been complaining for years about the horribly pot holed conditions of the alley one block south of Figueroa, between Avenue 59 and Avenue 60. The city over the years has made several futile attempts to patch up the area, only to see the patches turn to small ponds when the rain comes, as it does occasionally.

In the interest of full disclosure, EGP’s offices are located adjacent to the alley. This has given us an up close look at the situation, not to mention our fair share of grousing.

But it has also given us an earful when it comes to what area residents think, many who say they use the alley to access the Highland Park branch of the U.S. Post Office and the parking lots of businesses along the alley.

We have also heard from homeowners whose garages and parking spots can only be accessed by way of the alley, and it’s not always an easy task, because the alley also serves as shortcut to the Pasadena Freeway when traffic backs up on Figueroa.

One resident told EGP that she recently counted 25 potholes on her way to the post office.

So why are there so many potholes along this stretch of pavement? One reason may be they aren’t being prepared properly to begin with.

The other, and perhaps better reason is that a large number of semi trucks use the alley as a shortcut, and a loading and unloading zone when making local deliveries.

One way to delay the need to constantly refill the potholes is to not allow these large and heavy vehicles to use the alleys in this way. Not only do they damage the road, they also often block traffic, making it difficult for smaller vehicles to safely pass.


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