Child Immigration Crisis Cries Out for Humane Response


Regardless of what President Obama or Speaker Boehner do to curb the influx of children crossing into the country illegally, some will be believe it’s not enough, while others will lament their actions as mean-spirited and even dangerous.

One thing we believe is that the thousands of children who have migrated from Central America are doing so to flee the horrific conditions in their homelands. Who among us would not want to rescue our children from the conditions of extreme violence and poverty? To help them flee to a place where they might have a chance at a better life?

For these children and their families, the unrelenting poverty, savagery and terror of the narco cartels are good enough reasons to risk the perilous journey for a chance at a better life.

They are already here, and now we must act.

We are a humane and civilized country and should not allow these children to feel any dirtier than they already must from the journey, and must insure that they have access to food and clean clothes and the facilities where they are being held are clean and safe.

The president must really do something about the stupid advisors he is listening to and who are influencing his decisions. We are glad that he has finally decided to discuss the crisis with the governor of Texas, but he most now take the next step and go to the border to show he is truly concerned.

And Speaker Boehner, just crossing your arms and saying the crisis is all the president’s fault that will now cost taxpayers billions of dollars, is no solution, much less a rational answer to how to go about dealing with the children who are already here.

If speaker Boehner and the Republicans in the Congress don’t want to provide the funding the president needs, and if they are not satisfied with his proposals, Boehner and his contingent should have the courage to propose their own solution, one that’s not just more political rhetoric and a game of one upmanship.

The border crisis here in our country is no different than what is happening in many other parts of the world, including in the Middle East and Africa, where huge refugee camps are struggling to house, protect, feed and give health care to people, many of them women and children, who have had to flee their homes. The problem is it has now reached our doorstep.

To the humanitarian groups, refugee organizations and others who without question support the flood of mothers and children, we urge you to exercise caution when making recommendations about when and to whom these children should be released, for the children’s safety. The relationship to these adults should be scrutinized, especially in this age of child sexual trafficking.

Yes, many children and mothers will have to return to their home countries, but we believe that with the extensive news coverage of their plight, it would behoove their countries to make changes to help their plight, and the U.S. should apply pressure to help bring about change for the children returning and all the other children in the country.

In the meantime, the one thing we can all do to help the situation is contribute supplies (water, bedding etc.), clothing and food for the children being detained.

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