Water Not a Drop to Spare


Every area in California is in someway dependent or impacted by imported water.

In Southern California, where water taps usually run unabated, many residents don’t understand how their water usage is tied to water shortages being experienced across the state.

Sure, the average person knows we have had little rain and the state is in a draught, but if you asked them where their water comes from, many would identify local sources,

But the great bulk of the water used in Southern California either comes from the Colorado River or from Northern California.

Declaring extreme drought conditions in the state, Gov. Brown in January called for Californians to voluntarily reduce their water usage by 20%. Instead, water use has gone up in some areas of the state prompting the State Water Board to issue emergency regulations that among other things authorize water agencies to issue fine for up to $500 for violating state water regulations.

Many residents of our state are oblivious to the fact that many of our water storage facilities are half empty, and in some areas close to running completely dry.

As a result, its vital that efforts to educate the public about the need to conserve water are intensified. Public agencies must do more outreach to the state’s water users and mandate conservation goals in their own facilities.

Like the gasoline shortages of more than a decade ago, when many refused to believe there really was a shortage, some will be convinced that they don’t have to take any action because water continues to flow from the tap. But unlike the gasoline shortage, which to many was just an inconvenience, water is necessary for us to survive. The water shortage has already caused prices for meat and produce to go up as farmers and ranchers run out of water for their cattle and their crops.

Maybe its time to place a moratorium on the installation of swimming pools and mega-sized bathtubs and spas. This may seem a frivolous action in the grand scheme of things, but when it comes to saving water, no tactic is too small.

This drought, already in its third year could drag on for sometime. Predictions of a wet winter are quickly falling by the wayside, but even if it does come to pass it will take more than one year of rain to reverse our current situation.

So, we urge all residents and businesses to do their part to reduce water usage. The effort you make could keep away harsher measures like water rationing and skyrocketing water prices and fines.

Do it for your family and for California.

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