Property Owners Losing More than Termites to Fumigation


It seems that people who are trying to get rid of termites and other pests tenting their home or business to be fumigated, could also be getting rid of some of their valuables, to thieves.

The whole house tenting process requires residents to vacate the premises for three days to avoid potential poisoning from the chemicals.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, during the last month at least three tented buildings have been broken into in the city, and valuables taken.

Apparently, this is not something new or unique to Los Angeles, it’s going on in other areas as well.

It seems doors and windows are left unlocked while the fumigation is underway, which is very tempting to thieves willing to take a chance with their health, and their lives, to rob the place.

Or perhaps these scofflaws are just not very bright, after all they are choosing to enter a building with toxic fumes, despite the many signs warning them that it’s dangerous to enter.

Police say some of the thieves have taken to wearing gas masks to ward of the toxins, but some of the masks out on the market don’t actually do what they are supposed to, leaving the thieves as risk.

While these people may suffer after effects in the future, there’s no doubt their innocent victims will be left to deal with the loss of valuables and mess left when their homes are ransacked, and the feeling they have been violated.

We are warning residents and property owners to advise their local police department when they are having this type of work done, and to ask them to keep an eye on their homes and buildings while they are away.

It’s also a good idea to ask neighbors to do the same.

We believe its time that the companies being paid to do the fumigation provide security as part of their service.

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