Community College Degrees: A Great Choice For Some Students


The announcement that some California community colleges will be offering 2-year Bachelor’s Degrees is a welcomed change for many students who a four-year degree program is not a good fit, academically or financially.

Until now, their only other options were to forgo college, or pay the exorbitant fees charged by many for profit private colleges to get the education they need to get good paying professional jobs.

The high cost of these for profit colleges has fed many loan programs with high interest rates, leaving countless students stuck with a heavy debt load whether they completed their training or not.

The case of Corinthian College Inc. is a case in point. Students at the school were offered loans with high interest rates to pay for inflated tuition cost.

When the Corinthian Colleges abruptly closed down, scores of students were not only left without a way to finish their courses, but in deep debt. Some students paid as much as $28,000 for a criminal justice degree, available at several public community colleges.

A deal has been reached that will allow students who attended one of the fifty Corinthian schools to receive a 40% reduction on their privately funded loans. No such luck, however, on federal grant loans.

We have no problem with for-profit colleges that do a good job of serving their students and do not con students into taking on debt with false promises of big money making careers. But we believe that there are many students who would be better served at a community college, even though they may still struggle to afford the tuition without gwrant or loan assistance.

The degrees planned for the community colleges will not be in competition with our four institutions, but will allow many students to get their degrees in a timely and at a more affordable cost.

We are encouraged that the degrees being offered in areas that at one time would have been looked down as “just vocational” fields, but which in today’s real-world job market offer opportunities for good paying jobs and long term professional careers.

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