Jose Huizar for Los Angeles City Council District 14


This endorsement has been one of the most difficult for EGP to make in along time.

The 14th Council District is lucky to have such a talented pool of candidates from which to choose, including two seasoned elected official who have each served residents of the district and the County well.

Many in the community have told us they too are torn, and believe that both former L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina and incumbent Councilman Jose Huizar each have strong records to stand on.

They say both have done an excellent job of getting things done for their constituents, of turning big ideas into big realities by breaking down the bureaucracy that often stands in the way.

We agree.

Molina deserves praise for her persistence on the Gold Line Extension to the eastside, development of the East Los Angeles Civic Center and for building transitional housing and more recently, her tough negotiations to get Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles funded and open, and to insist on a set aside for affordable housing in the Grand Park plan.

We also respect her determination to ensure that the history and culture of Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Latinos in Los Angeles be preserved and respected, opening LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes to Angelenos and visitors.

And who can forget her battle with her former fellow supervisors over more hospital beds at the planned County USC Hospital? Or her strident resolve to fund services for the undocumented and to keep the County budget balanced through hard times, even through angry threats from County employees?

But on the Board of Supervisors she was one of five, on the Los Angeles City Council she would be one of 15, a far more difficult arena to negotiate.

Much has been made of her temperament and public dressing down of county employees, and rightly so, especially given that to date she has not yet said whether she would seek a second or third term. She will need cooperation from her peers on the council and the bureaucrats who will still be working when she leaves office, to get anything done.

Huizar also has his share of accomplishments, both as a councilman and as former member of the LA Unified school board, where he spearheaded the successful effort to build the first new high school on the eastside in 85 years.

During his term on the city council he has had to work to gain support from his fellow members of the council on funding priorities for the 14th District. We believe he has made significant gains, from preserving open space to making improvements to parks and recreation centers, building affordable housing and spurring job creation by attracting more business to CD-14.

He’s been criticized for not getting enough accomplished since taking office, but the reality is that many projects take years to come to fruition, especially when there is money to be found and public input to be obtained.

Many of the district’s commercial corridors are more vibrant and booming with activity than when Huizar took office, in our view that’s important.

Have all the streets been repaired and trees trimmed? No, but we have heard from residents that they see an improvement despite the city’s lack of sufficient funding to get the job done.

Gentrification in East and Northeast Los Angeles is happening and will continue. But not all gentrification is bad and it can be respectful of the community, acting as a conduit to improved services and opportunities and greater pride in one’s neighborhood.

Huizar’s effort to rebuild downtown has been positive for the city, bringing entertainment, shopping, jobs and art closer to east and northeast neighborhoods and preserving some of the city’s most beautiful and significant architecture for future generations.

This experience is made more accessible by improvements to our Metro rail system.

We believe Huizar has contributed to the re-vitalization of many neighborhoods in the district, where families can now enjoy working and meeting their neighbors in a safer environment.

We are, however, concerned about the councilman’s over enthusiastic support for designating streets as bike lanes suitable.

We encourage him to give more attention to those opposed, such as fire, police and emergency vehicles, and businesses that sell products and not just food and drink.

Huizar has been no stranger to controversy, and we were disappointed by his actions involving a former member of his staff who sued him for sexual harassment, though he claims it was a consensual extramarital affair, which he has apologized for. The case was settled out of court but not before city taxpayers paid $200,000 to defend the councilman.

Two of the other three candidates in the race, Nadine Diaz and Mario Chavez have been good advocates for their community and we see potential as future leaders. They are to be commended for stepping up to the challenge.

But in our view, Councilman Jose Huizar has earned another term on the council and the opportunity to continue the progress underway. Therefore, we endorse Jose Huizar in the 14th District.

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  2. Thank you for this, EGP. Of ALL the publications and media that have and will make endorsements in this CD14 District race, I hope voters here will value YOURS the most. I know I do — because EGP’s many Eastside newspapers consistently, daily, and weekly watch, report on, and cover ALL of the area(s) that both of the leading candidates in this race serve and have served for many years. Your understanding of this as a “tough call” also displays a unique awareness of the FULL RANGE of life on this side of town and how our elected officials can and do affect it. Some other more centralized media “peek” at us from time-to-time (and especially right before an election endorsement), or simply rely heavily on a last-minute interviews of the candidates — as if they were all new applicants for an open job. A few other very local media are so obviously and highly biased – often for petty and personal reasons — plus they only understand the issues of the 2-3 square-mile radius around their offices. As a former journalist, I thank you for your professionalism and objectivity.

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