Artificial Pepper — Who Knew?


Taco Bell has decided it will replace artificial pepper with real pepper, who knew?

Sometimes consumers can be fooled into thinking they are eating the real thing when they’re not; the artificial pepper “scandal” is a case in point.

We can’t help but wonder if consumers will now think they are being served an inferior product after growing accustomed to the taste of Taco Bell’s pepper pretender.

Will anyone be able to tell the difference?

Does the artificial pepper make you sneeze when you taste it like the real one? If not, will consumers be upset by the nose tickle caused by its replacement?

What’s artificial pepper made of? Is it made of something real or some chemical concoction we’ve grown to love?

Don’t get us wrong, there isn’t a vegan restaurant worth its salt that can’t make cheese made out of something else taste like the real thing. The difference is that those restaurants take pride in serving food products that taste like the “real” thing, (organically grown, of course), and letting you know about it.

Taco Bell also says it plans to remove trans fat from its menu – at least we know what real trans fat tastes like, or do we?

Okay, so we’re being a little tongue in cheek here, but the real point is that we should all follow the example of the parents in Nancy Martinez’s story this week about how parents in the Bell Gardens-based Choose Health LA Kids Parent Collaborative are taking their children’s nutrition seriously and taking a closer look at what they eat.

A lot of effort has been put into requiring calories and nutrition information be posted at fast food restraints, but does anyone look at it?

Taco Bell’s move to real instead of “fake” pepper could be just the start.

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