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‘Ref’ Rodriguez for LAUSD School Board

Eastern Group Publications endorsed Ref Rodriguez for the Los Angeles Unified School Board’s 5th District Seat during the primary and we still endorse him in the general election taking place May 19.

The election has focused a great deal of attention on the battle between the forces that support charter schools and those who believe they are damaging the public school system.

Incumbents have been heavily criticized for their role in the district’s multi-million dollar iPad fiasco, and other ails facing the country’s second largest school system.

EGP believes that in both the charter and traditional public schools systems there are schools that do an outstanding job and schools that are shortchanging students out of a solid education.

Take the latest news that a majority of 10th graders in the LAUSD are not on track to graduate high school, despite years of reforms and innovations aimed at improving academic performance and closing the education gap in mostly Latino and African American communities.

EGP believes that parents and students who have opted for a charter school education deserve a voice on the school board who understands the dynamics of operating a charter school, and is willing to take those that perform poorly.

In our view, Ref Rodriguez is that person in the 5th District race.

Vote for Ref Rodriguez May 19.