Letter to the Editor: Bell Gardens ‘Betting on Casino Hotel’


Re: Bell Gardens  ‘Betting’ on Casino’s Hotel (June 11, 2015)

I am writing this letter in response to the article titled Bell Gardens Betting on the Casino’s Hotel, (June 11, 2015). I feel that the article portrays the wrong idea. In my opinion, I feel that the concepts that were spoken between staff reporter Nancy Martinez and myself on the date of Tuesday, Jun. 9 were misunderstood.

I would like to clarify that I believe that the Casino will be a strong component of the city of Bell Gardens revenue and will continue to do so for years to come. I believe that the revenue generated by the Casino should be the cherry on top when it comes to the city’s revenue.

I come from a business background and having too many eggs in one basket could be an issue if that resource has a year with less than expected revenue. Diversification is key with any plan. The city of Bell Gardens has over 840 business licenses issued in the city. If those businesses have increased revenue by 15% in the 2015-16 year, this would be a significant increase to the fee income to the city.

The city of Bell Gardens, The Bicycle Casino, and the Bell Gardens Chamber of Commerce can all be a part of the growth of the small businesses in the city of Bell Gardens. We can all work together to strengthen the business community by providing the necessary tools for the rest of the businesses to thrive. Actions speak louder than words. The Chamber and the city of Bell Gardens have been implementing several resources to help get the businesses up and running fast and providing a long-term strategy to become financially strong. For example, the city works with the Chamber to help businesses by providing a liaison with qualified expertise to help the business owner when they need it the most (Beginning).

I have over 10 years of business banking experience and 4 years of financial services that deal with managing risk. I take ownership with all people and organizations referred to the chamber. I don’t know of another city that will provide that type of service for the business community. Often they are given a pamphlet and left to figure it out. We walk them through many different areas from obtaining permits, branding, managing finances, and writing a business plan.

The Bicycle Casino has established a foundation that has a focus on scholarships to Bell Gardens High School Students. Often times they look to the business community to help fund the goals of the foundation. If we have a stronger business community, the Bell Gardens business community could have a significant impact in funding this great organization.

In closing, I feel my comment were taken out of context and should tell more about the items spoken about leading up to the quote. The point that would have made it more clear is that we have the resources available to have an impact in several areas when it comes to generating revenue for the city.


Mike Salazar

Executive Director

Bell Gardens Chamber of Commerce

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