We Need Common Sense When It Comes to Sharing the Road


The latest controversy regarding the sharing of streets, roads and bridges by auto drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians over the retrofitting of the historic 80-year-old Hyperion Boulevard-Glendale Avenue bridge is just unnecessary.

State, county and local government pay traffic engineers to ensure that traffic whether on foot, auto or bicycle is safe.

There are times when limited space or roadway configuration do not lend to certain types of traffic, but these days it seems that pedestrians, car drivers and cyclists have all grown so self-absorbed and suspicious of everyone not in their group that they feel obliged to object to every road plan proposed by transportation authorities.

Yes, we believe all residents of a community have the right to express their opinions regarding traffic projects in their neighborhoods, but to insist on a plan that does not take into account current realities but focuses on speculative behavior makes no sense to us.

That’s the case with the bridge that connects Silver Lake and Atwater Village, which is in need of a major safety makeover.

Pedestrians and cyclists want changes that other groups, including many local residents and businesses fear will further tangle traffic through the area. They say city engineers have failed to take into account the needs of people with disabilities and students who might use the bridge to get to Marshall High School if the bridge had sidewalks on each side of the roadway.

City engineers say their plan provides access to all groups, and does it safely.

While we agree encouraging more people to walk and cycle is a worthy goal, we don’t agree that forcing them to endure more time in traffic to make roadways more convenient for a much smaller number of commuters on foot or on bicycles is the way to do it.

That strategy will undoubtedly lead to more road rage, as people refuse to use common sense when sharing our roadways – just to prove a point.

It makes no sense to insist on a plan that will put any part of the public at risk just to prove a point.

The attitude of some that they would rather be dead than wrong is causing havoc for those who have to share the road with them.

Let’s not make the Hyperion Boulevard-Glendale Avenue bridge another needless battlefield.

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  1. C. Hernandez on

    I agree with encouraging commuters to use alternate modes of transportation. But it is not realistic or feasible to expect a city the size of Los Angeles to turn into a biking town. Thank you for pointing out that causing yet more traffic delays does not make sense to accommodate a very small group. I see bike lanes going up everywhere, even where they don’t really make sense. I also see plenty of cyclists continually breaking trafiic laws, as if they were immune to the law. Maybe what we need along with bike lanes is public education for cyclists regarding traffic laws & responsible usage of road ways.

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