You Sir, Are Fired


NBC Universal follows the lead of the USA’s largest Spanish-language television/radio network in dumping Donald Trump and his beauty pageants from its networks. Considering that NBC is Trump’s partner in the beauty pageants, the dump Trump move is amazing. But NBC and Univision are not alone in dumping The Donald.

Every day of the week people from all over the world contact the Las Vegas Trump Hotel to reserve rooms in the 64 story “gold plated” combination suite/timeshare building. When they find out the “hotel” doesn’t have a casino, they move on to real Las Vegas hotels, some with 5,000 rooms and gigantic casinos.

02B-PL-OK-The Fallout

No casino in Las Vegas? Why would there be no casino in the Trump property? Simple reason, Trump needs a Nevada State Gaming license. Everyone in Nevada knows that his shoddy casino experience in Atlantic City and his interaction with New Jersey hotel/casino worker unions cloud any gaming license prospects Trump would need to be a Las Vegas presence.

Hundreds and thousands of Las Vegas visitors do not stay in Trump’s property. They stay in real Las Vegas hotels; they play in real casinos run by real Las Vegas people. They stay in hotels that employ, of all people, thousands of Mexican immigrants, some who live in Mexico and commute back and forth to Las Vegas every week for their jobs. Joining the Mexican commuters are thousands of immigrants from Mexico who came legally for the jobs that go unfilled if they don’t come.

The Donald doesn’t seem to know that there are millions of legal Mexican immigrants who have come legitimately and joined the community and live and breathe just like the rest of us.

Trump brazenly holds up Mexican immigrants as rapists, drug dealers who come to rip off America just like their home country, Mexico, does. He lumps Mexican illegal immigrants with legal immigrants. All but “some” Mexicans are bad; some, he claims, are “good.”

Unlike Trump, NBC Universal makes a living off viewership on the small screen, the large screen and in Red Box rentals, thus it knows that the Mexican American and the Mexican immigrant is the largest consumer of movies in the country proportionately. NBC Universal makes movies. Its parent, COMCAST has millions of Mexican American and Mexican immigrant cable customers.

Business, then, is business. Trump doesn’t seem to understand that.

When Univision, part of which is owned by Mexico’s giant Televisa network, announced that it would not broadcast any Trump beauty pageants, Trump blew a fuse and angrily declared that he would sue Univision for millions. Trump’s war cry: “Sue the Bastards!”

Now that NBC has dumped Trump, where is his war cry, “Sue the bastards?” Where, donde?

Many Presidential candidates have stumbled and been humbled by one political minefield or another, by one stupid statement or another.

Governor George Romney blew a lead for the GOP 1968 nomination when he announced that U.S. Army generals had “brainwashed” him on the Vietnam War effort. His son – Mitt Romney — blew any chance he had for the Presidency when he suggested – seriously – that 12 million illegal aliens should “self-deport.” Al Gore Jr. blew his chance when he talked about a “lock box” for a Social Security program destined to fail in the long run. Adding to that — when he was caught brazenly breaking federal law in his Vice-Presidential office, he boldly stated there was no “controlling legal authority” governing his felonious behavior of raising political money in the White House.

And now comes Donald Trump with his ignorant insulting declarations about Mexico flooding the USA with drug dealers and rapists and how he is going to build a “wall” between the US and Mexico and make those Mexicans pay for it. Mexico, he insists, has taken advantage of the poor little USA, which has lost everything to rapacious Mexican negotiators and business people.

So says a man who has been run over by New Jersey gentlemen who run the state’s unions; by the Nevada Gaming Commission and by his own partners at NBC and those dastardly Mexicans at Univision.

The court transcripts of the many law suits he threatens Univision and NBC with will be filled with two words that will directed at Donald Trump by NBC and Univision – “You’re fired!”

Raoul Lowery Contreras is the author of several books and articles on Latino issues and politics. His columns were formerly syndicated by Creator’s Syndicate and the 

New American News Service of the New York Times.

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