All Traffic Laws Need to Be Reinforced


This past Saturday night, eleven people were injured in auto accidents. The weekend prior, almost the same number were injured in traffic accidents.

We understand that along with the population increase in Los Angeles County, traffic has also increased.

And so have the numbers of autos, bicycles and pedestrians traveling on our streets and freeways.

As more people attempt to traverse our transportation routes, whether they are in residential neighborhoods, in busy commercial areas or our ever-slower moving freeways and highways, we have observed a growing number of commuters of all types showing a wanton disregard for our traffic laws.

Every resident of the County has at one time or another witnessed or experienced some type of collision or near collision with a person, vehicle or bicycle. Those who survived were lucky; unfortunately, many others have not been as fortunate.

EGP believes that just as DUI traffic stops help to reduce drunk driving, their needs to be a new emphasis by traffic and patrol officers to enforce stricter adherence to traffic laws.

Too many drivers today believe that running yellow lights, entering crosswalks while pedestrian are still present is OK; it’s not.

A yellow light means prepare to stop; it doesn’t mean go faster to make it through.

More drivers are making left turns for several seconds after the signal turns red. They’ll tell you they do it because it’s the only way to get through a busy intersection.

Pedestrians and bicyclists bare their share of fault these days.

Too many pedestrians mistakenly believe they always have the right of way; they don’t. They’ll cross a street in the middle of the block, from between cars, or start crossing at an intersection after the light has started to change.

As for bicyclists, there seems to be an attitude among many that stop signs don’t apply to them. Some bicyclists make left hand turns from the right lane, or from behind the car ahead of them. Some bicyclists think nothing of taking up several lanes, slowing traffic needlessly.

We can only wonder how many incidents of road rage these careless commuters have caused.

While we do not welcome ticket quotas or the gratuitous singling out of certain drivers, nothing works like strict enforcement of traffic regulations with drivers, cyclists and pedestrians who disobey our traffic laws.

We recommend that all law enforcement officers keep an eye out for careless commuters, whether in cars, on foot or on a bike, and that they ticket those who cross their path.

It might just prevent another fatal accident, or injury.

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