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Getting Latino Leaders to Get Latinos to Vote

Latinos are grossly underrepresented at all levels yet I don’t hear from any Hispanic groups or organizations speaking up for Hispanics.

The Chicano Coalition, where are they? MALDEF, where are they? There are many other groups, but, we don’t hear what they are doing to help the Hispanic community.

Donald Trump has been trashing immigrants in this country and no Hispanic organization has said a word in Defense of “La Raza.”

You can bet that Cesar Chavez would’ve been out there responding to Donald Trump’s allegations.

Putting all things aside, we need to get the Hispanic vote out there. The problem is who is going to take the initiative?

We need motivational groups to get out there and encourage Latinos to vote and be a voice. Latinos can no longer afford to continue to be the “Sleepy Lagoon.” as they were labeled back in the 1940’s. Latinos need to take action for their own future. They cannot sit back and let others make the decisions for them.


Dolores Manzanares is resident of Montebello and a retired educator.