A Void Newspapers Still Fill In Today’s Society


Why newspapers continue to be relevant despite rumors of their demise was strikingly evident in stories printed by newspapers over the last few days as part of a series of articles under the banner of the Panama Papers.

It was a consortium of investigative journalists, their newspapers and Ryle’s International Consortium of investigative journalists, whose year long investigation and vetting of leaked information on clients of Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm, documenting schemes to hide massive levels of wealth in order to evade paying taxes, that led to the resignation of Iceland’s prime minister this week.

Through detailed and labored analysis, newspaper journalists have revealed countless cases of the wealthy hiding their assets in offshore accounts. There is growing belief that fraud and corruption has been at play in many of the cases.

The consortium of newspapers and investigative journalists, which included The Guardian and McClatchy newspapers, the BBC and Miami Herald, according to a Los Angeles Times article, used scarce resources to conduct the worldwide investigation.

While the publication of some of the names of Mossack Fonseca’s clients has to date not yet led to American politicians, it is the integrity, fearless investigations, which may lead to the revealing of names of corrupt politicians and millionaires behind massive amounts of foreign money now flooding the U.S., and having influence on the American way of life.

In depth investigating reporting and ethical standards are the hallmarks of the newspaper industry.

So to believe that newspapers no longer fill a significant role in today’s society is clearly misguided.

To critical is the importance and the need for the bright light print media lends to the workings of today’s society here and around the globe.

The loss of newspapers will only lead to a lack of credible, well-vetted information that is paramount to the “public’s right to know,” a motto that guides every Eastern Group Publication newspaper.

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