It’s Getting Harder to Govern, And It’s Not Just Politicians’ Fault


Some Republican voters handed the Republican Party to a non-Republican whose entire primary campaign was what billionaire Mark Cuban calls a “Jerry Seinfeld campaign”—a campaign about “nothing.” Cuban told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto that his friend Donald Trump will continue to campaign on “nothing” for the General election.

For those who forget or never knew, the fabulously successful and wealthy Jerry Seinfeld built an entire television comedy career on “nothing.” It pays him hundreds of millions in rerun royalties. Seinfeld’s “nothing” way has been injected by Trump into the Presidential campaign. It has been the foundation of his primary campaign.

Just who, one might ask, created the conditions that resulted in Trump’s unexpected victory over sixteen more conventional Republicans? Radio talkers and Matt Drudge come to mind. The Tea Party is also responsible – mostly responsible.

The acronym RINO comes to mind — life-long Republicans have been pummeled and battered with RINO by self-styled “principled conservatives” for years. RINO means Republican In Name Only; that is what “principled conservatives” and the angry Tea Partiers of 2010 use as a cudgel when they refer to people they claim are not as “principled conservative” as they are. The Establishment is included in the RINO diatribe. RINO paved the way for Trump.

They hated Senator John McCain when he ran against Barack Obama for his stance on immigration and for him not attacking Obama for being African. Many of them sat out the election because one of their own “principled conservatives” wasn’t running. They, however, can’t be blamed for McCain’s loss; that came because the sub-prime mortgage collapse in 2008 and the ensuing financial calamity almost dragged the country into an economic abyss. It killed any chance McCain had of being President.

They re-energized in 2012 when Mitt Romney outlasted a group “conservatives” for the Republican nomination to run against Barack Obama. During the entire primary these “principled conservatives” that had made McCain’s life miserable re-activated the same arguments against Romney that they had used against McCain. Romney’s first name was RINO. The collapse of Hispanic support devastated any chance Romney had. He lost despite getting 93 percent Republican support. Setting records for the white vote didn’t save Romney because he belly-flopped with Hispanics. He received 17 percent fewer Hispanic votes than victorious President George W. Bush did in his 2004 victory over John Kerry.

The fury of “principled conservatives” and Tea Partiers created a political vacuum Trump filled. Every broadcast day national radio talkers Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and others pounded RINOs and the Washington Establishment. Joining them was Matt Drudge and his cheerleader Drudge report.

When Trump announced for President, his attacks on Mexico and Mexicans were welcomed by the radio talkers and Matt Drudge because they firmly believe everything Trump said about Mexicans; they, like Trump, never present Mexicans positively. They, too, believe, that Mexico sends its worst people to the U.S. like Trump says; they describe Mexicans as criminals, like Trump does, at every opportunity. When Trump is nailed for lying, they defend him. They, like him, blast Mexico because we have a $54 billion trade deficit with it and never mention that the trade deficit with Germany is 30 percent larger than with Mexico, $78 billion.

When presented with facts that more Mexicans are leaving the U.S. than coming, these people, like Trump, never acknowledge that. Facts that prove that Mexican workers are absolutely necessary in agriculture, the dairy industry, construction, road building and plain unskilled labor are ignored by these people. Trump doesn’t ignore immigrants, his entire professional life has been built on immigrant labor, legal and illegal. Trump was even fined a million dollars by one federal judge for hiring illegal workers from Poland through a contractor and not paying corrupt union “contributions” for the payroll involved. Trump imports immigrant labor for his resorts that are legalized slavery as they can only work at his resorts for whatever he pays. When these “principled conservatives” are presented with these facts, they ignore them and continue thumping RINOs.

The anti-Establishment political religion espoused by “principled conservatives” in recent years has corrupted the system that produced great Presidents like Lincoln and Reagan. On Mexico, for example, Trump has basically declared “war” on it. President Abraham Lincoln, on the other hand, and his government ran guns to Mexico to be used against French invaders. Lincoln’s General Philip Sheridan enabled combat-hardened Civil War American soldiers to enlist in the Mexican Army and fight the French. Helping Mexico was a top priority for the Lincoln Administration. The William Howard Taft Administration looked the other way when Mexican rebels bought guns in Texas in 1910 to fight the decades-old dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz.

Making “war” on Mexico pleases the talkers; Donald J. Trump relishes it. Mexican Americans are not pleased; Trump will be lucky to get 15% of their vote. Bush received 44 percent and won.

Without 35-45 percent of the Hispanic vote, Trump cannot win.

Raoul Lowery Contreras is a San Diego based author whose more than a dozen books on politics, Hispanics, and history are available at

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