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U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez should be congratulated for her decision to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by four-term Sen. Barbara Boxer who is retiring at age 75. California is a large state that is not easy to campaign in, especially given the Democratic Party’s early near anointing of Attorney General Kamala Harris as their chosen candidate.

Yet, despite Harris’ early campaign advantage, Sanchez is gaining support across the state, winning endorsements not only from Latinos or from her Orange Country stronghold, but also from many other California congressional representatives, state elected officials, and editorial boards in the state’s southern half.

California has not had an open Senate seat since 1992, when our other sitting Senator, Diane Feinstein, who will soon turn 83, was elected.

We strongly believe that our next representative should come from Southern California. Loretta Sanchez has strong credentials in many areas, most importantly her deep understanding of the issues most important to Southern Californians, as diverse as they may be.

EGP has admired Loretta Sanchez not only for winning and holding on to an Orange County seat in the middle of a Republican stronghold, but for recognizing an opportunity for a democratic inroad, and having the acumen to address her constituents’ diverse needs and points of view once elected.

That’s what we need in a senator.

Sanchez is one of only a few House members who have made an effort to reach across the aisle to establish a working relationship with members of the Republican Party. In these days of political polarization, that’s a skill in short supply.

That’s not to say that Sanchez will compromise her core beliefs, quite the opposite.

Sanchez understands the problems of working class Americans because she comes from a working class family. Her experience as a member of Congress these past two decades, on issues ranging from education, tuition assistance, health care reform and immigration reform, still a hot topic today, give her an important advantage in being able to move these issues and priorities in the direction that will be of most benefit to California families.

Sanchez has also fought for gender equality, workers rights, and protection of the environment, each an important issue to Californians.
As a member of Congress she has demonstrated both independence and principle under difficult circumstances. Her votes against the Iraq War, the Patriot Act and Wall Street bailouts were courageous. As a senior member of the Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees, her experience far surpasses that of Attorney General Harris.

With the Congress so deeply divided these past few years, and looking like it will continue down that same road for some time to come, EGP believes we need experienced representation in the U.S. Senate, and we will get that by electing the most experienced candidate in the race, Loretta Sanchez.

We would be remiss if we did not point out our disappointment of Attorney General Harris’ failure to openly address important issues until very recently. It makes us wonder whether she will exhibit the same closed attitude in the Senate.
We also want to remind Harris that her settlement with the banks over the housing crisis that she so proudly touts is not really much to brag about.

We have heard from many homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosure during the Great Recession and financial melt down of banking industry.They tell us they have received very little in terms of compensation under the settlement, as little as $200-$500 despite thousands of dollars in losses, damage to their credit, and the upheaval of their families.

Loretta Sanchez has made a few mistakes during her career and campaign, but EGP has concluded that Loretta Sanchez is the superior candidate for the U.S. Senate.

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