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Trump Owes Voters More Specifics

Now that California had been robbed of a deciding role in the Republican Party’s nomination of a presidential candidate in November, it’s time for voters to insist the GOP’s presumptive candidate, Donald Trump, get more specific about his platform.

Trump has a way of throwing out assertions and figures that don’t add up.

For instance, he claimed that Senator and now former presidential candidate Ted Cruz’ father met with Lee Harvey Oswald before President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. But he offered no specific information for what led to the charge. His accusations were made in the waning days of the Indiana primary, leaving little time for the man he nicknamed “Lying Ted” or his father to refute the charge.

Off handed remarks, like citing an unnamed poll he claims has him beating former Secretary of Sate Hillary Clinton in a head to head match up may seem inconsequential, but the same cannot be said about his remarks regarding immigration and foreign policy, trade wars and plans to make “America great again.”

Trump’s entire campaign has been one long tirade of slogans, name calling and bullying anyone who challenges or disagrees with him, or dares to ask him how he plans to accomplish, pay for and get Congress and other countries to go along with him.

It’s not enough to just say “You’ll see, I’ll make them.”

Americans deserve better in the election to decide the new leader of the free world.

A Good Resolution for Cinco de Mayo
In the spirit of those who fought the Battle of Puebla celebrated on Cinco de Mayo, we urge every eligible person to register to vote, and to cast their vote in the June Presidential Primary Election.

Generations of people have fought and sacrificed for this right, it’s all our responsibility to make sure it was not all in vane.