Illegal Use of Powerful Fireworks Puts Community At Risk


The sound of powerful, commercial grade fireworks exploding across the city is growing every day.

The problem is they are not coming from fireworks displays being put on by professionals, but from amateur thrill seekers who are putting all of us in danger.

The illegal fireworks available today to consumers on the black market are often 100 times more powerful than those sold at regulated firework stands in some local cities and designed to be used by trained professionals.

They pose a serious threat to all of us, especially given the heightened fire danger due to our prolonged drought.

This week, a study published in a journal of the American Geophysical Union, supported the arguments of state hydrologists that it will take until 2019 to recover from the four-year water shortage.

Water conservation rules in response to the extreme conditions have left hillsides and vegetation around homes bone dry, ready to spark at any moment.

If you need more evidence of how dangerous fire conditions are, you need look no further than Santa Barbara, Azusa or Duarte, where thousands of acres have burned, forcing thousands of residents to be evacuated.

Couple those conditions with the irresponsible use of fireworks and you have any number of time bombs ready to explode.

That’s why it is so surprising to us that there has been little public reaction to the danger that these illegal fireworks present. Don’t their users recognize the danger? How about their friends and family? Why don’t they speak up?

We’ve concluded that it’s time for each one of us to look out for these dangerous pranksters, and to let them know they are putting all of us in harm’s way.

If that doesn’t stop them, it’s time to  call 9-1-1.

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