We Deserve More than Shameful Shenanigans from Trump


Now that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the presumptive nominees of their respective parties, it’s time for Republican Trump to tell American voters in detail what he will do as president.

Americans deserve a real explanation of what his platform will consist of in the areas of trade, the economy, foreign affairs, besides undoing Obamacare and expelling all Mexicans.

Americans deserve a discussion on what to expect if he is elected, and we must all hope it will be more than his usual name calling and rants about how wrong and unfair everyone else is and how great he will be.

As we move toward the November General Election, we look forward to a campaign that evolves into more than just calling Hillary Clinton a crook.

As shocking, entertaining and riveting as Trump’s antics may be, we’ve grown tired of his self-promotion as the people’s great White Hope, and would prefer to see his campaign begin to reflect on how he can be president to the country’s growingly diverse population.

The greatest disappointment for us in this campaign season has been the GOP’s most influential members allowing of Trump to take control of their party as they covered their eyes and ears: talk about a bloodless coup! Did they fear his billions could do some damage to them?

As for Trump’s devoted followers, let’s hope that they and the rest of us don’t live to see their leaders real sentiments, which we do not believe will be in the interest of the 99 percent but instead favor the top 1 percent who already enjoy more than their fair share of privilege.

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