Will Donald Trump End America’s Civil Society?


In the wake of the mass shootings in Orlando, Florida, it could be that this country is set to say good-bye to civil society as we have known it.

Never before have we seen our country fail to come together in the face of tragedies like the senseless murder of 49 innocent people in Orlando. Things have changed and our usual national outpouring of human compassion and unity in the face of adversity has been replaced with vitriol the likes of which are confounding, to say the least.

At a time when the majority of people in our country are stunned and grief stricken by yet another callous murder and injuring of a large number of Americans here at home, Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP candidate for president, has lashed out at the opposition to try to gain an edge in an election.

It seems to us that it is now becoming OK in America to be openly racist, and in the case of Trump cheered for it.

In our view, Donald Trump has just gone to far with his pandering to the worst in humanity.

While a few brave members of his party have criticized Trumps’ use of race and hate bating, he should be severely rebuffed by the Republican Party as a whole.

We guess that with this man as their leader we’d be foolish to expect Republicans to see reason and accept the fact that weapons of war designed for massive impact, such as an assault rifle, are best left used by those in our military and law enforcement agencies: Semi- or fully- automatic rifles are not hobby instruments.

We don’t want to deprive American hunters, hobbyist or those who want to protect their families from being able to legally purchase a gun after completing a thorough background check, but we do believe a legally owned gun, rifle or even a shotgun is more than enough protection under most circumstances.

It’s time for Americans to stand up for their fellow Americans, so they won’t continue to be slaughtered at will by a gun-toting assailant, whether they be a terrorist, gang banger or demented.

So we urge every person who is sick of this continuous slaughter to contact every one of their elected representatives to stand up to the gun lobby and finally put an end to the availability of assault weapons.

We must also unite in repudiating ugly, useless attacks on other Americans’ race, ethnicity, religion or gender, and remind “The Donald” and ourselves that almost all Americans come from immigrant stock, including him and his many wives.

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