At Any Other Time … Substance Would Have Outweighed Political Gaffes


If a candidate in a past presidential election had said something that could remotely be interpreted as wanting second amendment/gun possession rights advocates to “do something” about an opposition candidate, the entire nation would hav e probably thought it was just a bad joke, but not in this election.

Why? Because Donald Trump is the candidate who just this week uttered those words, sparking a new round of controversy over his seemingly inability to self-edit.

The GOP candidate for president has made many slanderous and outrageous statements with little regard to the truthfulness, accuracy or consequence of his words.

So when he says something that at any other time would likely be viewed as a joke, one can’t help but view his words with suspicion.

It just shows how weird this election has gotten.

Every day it’s becoming clearer that this is an election like no other in history.

One where scandal is the focus of each of the main political parties’ campaigns, rather than a substantive fight over the many important issues facing the country, like the economy, which despite proclamations to the contrary, is still leaving too many Americans struggling to make ends meet.

We just wish both candidates, the Democratic nominee former U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump would stop trying to out scandalize each other and stick to the issues.

Mr. Trump, stop throwing outrageous accusations at the wall to see what sticks.

Instead, tell us more about your economic recovery plan, like how much is it going to cost the nation. How do you intend to get the Congress on board with your job plan, or any other plan for that matter – especially given your perchance for offending and alienating people rather than being a coalition builder?

Stop calling everyone you don’t like nasty names: you may have to work with them someday.

Most of all stop trying to paint a pretty picture out of your failed businesses and questionable treatment of employees and contractors hired.

As for Ms. Clinton, it’s time she stops mudding the waters over her mishandling of emails while Secretary of State. It’s also time to release speeches made to Wall Street insiders, even if made as a private citizen, since it’s more likely than not that she was speaking about issues that impact industry and not how many hurricanes were expected to reach U.S. soil that year.

While we do not believe her e-mails were responsible for the Benghazi attack, there’s no doubt that errors in judgment were made. Every president and administration has made decisions that at the time they thought were best but turned out to be wrong, even harmful.

But the sign of a good leader – Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump – is owning up to mistakes made and learning from the experience in order to not repeat them in the future.

We endorsed Clinton for president because we felt her experience in government topped everything Trump has to offer, and believe we’ve been proven correct so far.

The candidates need to get back to answering how our economy can continue to provide jobs that pay a living wage, securing housing and safety for the thousands of homeless people, including children and families living on our streets.

How do we provide our young people with an affordable college education so they can snag the jobs of the future and how toprovide 100% affordable healthcare for every U.S. resident? How do we keep terrorists from making inroads into our country without compromising our precious civil rights, and not go broke taxing ourselves to do all of the above?

At any other time in our history, we would have expected candidates for president to at least try to answer these questions, but these days it seems we’re all instead just waiting for the next outrageous gaffe to talk about.

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