The Worst Thing That Could Come Out of the Election: ‘Latinos Didn’t Vote’


For more than thirty-five years, we at EGP have been driven to nearly pulling our hair out when we hear politicians and the media say, “Latinos don’t vote.”

This election cycle, many political observers, statisticians and pollsters have pointed out that Latinos can play a major role as decision makers, not only in California, but throughout the U.S. Their population numbers and the numbers of Latinos registered voters are large enough to merit substantial influence in the Presidential Election and down ballot races for candidates and on ballot measures.

Over the last few days, however, we are again hearing rumblings that Latino voters may not turn out in states where they believe Hillary Clinton has already clinched the election. If true, this is very bad news.

On Wednesday, according to the polls, the race for president in Florida has tightened, and GOP nominee Donald Trump is leading Clinton by 2 percentage points.

Our point is that the election is not over until the last vote is counted and so it just isn’t smart for voters to skip voting.

That’s doubly true for Latinos who have been under attack by Trump during this election, and now have the opportunity to flex their muscles at the ballot box.

If politicians believe Latinos will not stand up and show up at the ballot box, and   Latinos prove them right, they’ll believe they have no reason to fear continuing to ignore and disenfranchise this large segment of the population.

Latinos finally have an opportunity to show that they can and will swing an election and must turn out in large numbers to prove the point.

It’s nail-biting time here at EGP as we look towards November 8.

On November 9, let’s make sure we don’t hear those dreaded words: “Latinos didn’t vote.”

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