Can the Country Heal Under Trump? We Hope So.


OK America, it looks like we must finally accept the fact that for half our fellow Americans, racism, misogyny, jingoism, and pass the buck-ism are alive and well, and even excusable in 2016.

We now have a President-Elect who gained popularity by telling those who want to go back to 1950 what they wanted to hear: “We’re turning back the hands of time!”

During the race for president, Donald Trump promised a long list of remedies to the country’s ails. He said he will improve the economy by bringing back manufacturing jobs, reducing taxes for the country’s elite, fixing health care, rebuilding the military, defeating terrorists worldwide and getting rid of those here at home he doesn’t like or trust, namely Mexicans and Muslims.

But many of the jobs he talks of no longer exist, replaced by technology. He wants to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, but has given no clue what will take its place.

He places the blame for the demise of the middle-class on undocumented immigrants and wrongly accuses them of getting free government benefits.

There’s no doubt that the country is suffering from growing income inequality and it’s easy to put the blame on “foreigners” taking away minimum wage jobs.

However, as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders so effectively pointed out, the problem is with the top 10 percent having 90 percent of the money, and we should not be blaming those at the bottom of the financial ladder.

Instead, the campaigns of both Trump and Hillary Clinton were too busy throwing mud to be bothered with issues like the often extreme and vulgar corporate profits and executive salaries.

It’s clear Democrats misread the depth of anger among the working class whites in this country. They under-estimated the hidden and overt anger of a government voters feel doesn’t care about them, and Donald Trump kept telling them he alone could solve their problems. In desperations, they believed him.

They believed he could bring back the panacea of the 1950’s, when workers were paid wages that allowed them to live in affordable single-family homes in safe neighborhoods.

Now, President-Elect Trump says he wants to bring us together as one united country.

He says he will be president for all of America; we hope so.

But the protests across the country Wednesday show anger and mistrust run deep. It will take more than words to convince at least half the country he has their interest at heart.

Republicans need to understand that though they have tremendous sway in both the Senate and House, and a president of the same party, over half the country is offended by their refusal to recognize that the “others” in our country will continue to grow, are for the most part younger and should be prepared to meet the country’s future needs.

Likewise, establishment Democrats need to figure out the changes they should make to address the anger and disillusionment in their party.

Will Trump be able to heal the wounds caused by his extremely hostile rhetoric? We hope so, because a country divided will collapse on itself and never be at peace.

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