The FBI’s ‘October Surprise’


With just five days to go until the Presidential Election, we are surprised that the “October Surprise” candidates fear is coming from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and specifically from FBI Director James Comey who in a letter light in details to Congress just 11 days before the election stated that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails had been restarted. Comey wrote that the FBI had become aware of more emails “that appeared to be pertinent to the investigation.”

No other information was initially released leading to wild speculation about what the emails contained. Trump and other Republicans used the news to claim Comey’s letter is proof that the emails contain evidence of wrong doing by Clinton.

It has since been learned that the emails were found on a laptop computer shared by longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her former husband Anthony Weiner, who is under investigation in an unrelated case. But there is no information as to what those emails contain, proving that if a lie is continually repeated people will after a while believe it’s true.

Comey is being criticized by both Democratic and Republican members of Congress and former attorneys general who say his action is paramount to meddling in the election.

Nonetheless, Trump’s constant assertions that Hillary is a liar has been a way for him to deflect attention from his own pervasive habit of lying.

We guess that Trump’s practice of throwing mud at the walls to see what sticks has inured voters to such an extent that folks no longer question his outlandish remarks, such as Putin being his friend and that he knew him well, but  later admitting he’s never met the Russian president. Or that he can’t release his tax returns because he’s been audited; there’s nothing in the IRS rules that prohibit him from releasing the returns.

Both Trump and his surrogates claim he donated millions to charity. There’s little evidence to support the claim and what evidence there is shows he used money from his charitable foundation to pay for a portrait of himself.

When the video of him saying he had admitted to groping and sexually assaulting women, and they let him do it and liked it was released, he called it “locker room talk” that men engage in, and denied ever acting on his boasts. When dozens of women came forward to say he had lied and they were victims of his assaults, he called them liars and threatened to sue them: we bet he never does.

The list of Trump’s lies and innuendoes could fill an entire newspaper, so our take is that Trump is the bigger liar.

Trump claims to be the only one who can save the economy, but gives few details, only saying he will bring jobs lost to other countries back. But his claims fail to take into account the U.S. manufacturing industry’s greater reliance on technology to do jobs once done by humans, or that there’s not much incentive by manufacturers to fire their robots.

Giving U.S. corporations large tax breaks will add to the country’s deficit, so it’s hard to understand how that will help the economy.

As for Trump being the best person to protect the U.S. from its enemies, particularly Muslim radicals, we don’t see it happening with a man who shows little understanding or knowledge of geopolitics, and whose fall back position is that he knows more than the country’s top generals. Really?

And let’s not forget his plan to do away with Obamacare, to repeal it as soon as he takes office.

People should ask if more people have insurance since the law was passed, if their coverage is cheaper or more expensive, and if they have pre-existing conditions, would they be able to get insurance coverage if Obama Care is done away with?

So, yes, Hillary Clinton has made mistakes. There are questions about her emails, but there is no foundation for the accusations of criminality and absent of that evidence, there is nothing to disqualify her from being president.

We strongly object to Trump’s statements that if elected he will investigate and “jail” his opponent. Its something we would expect from Russia’s Putin or Syria’s Assad, or the Philippines’ Duterte, not from the person who proposes to run a free and democratic country.

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